Pharma Needs engage in the manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, and distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical products and raw materials. We are a fully integrated company with in-house business development, R&D, manufacturing and regulatory compliance capabilities. Pharma Needs offer everything of your pharmaceutical requirements under one umbrella. From Raw Material, Manufacturing, Packaging to Distribution; we provide solution to all your needs under one roof. Professionally experienced employees play an important role in the development of our company. We have a team of people having professional and hands-on experience of over a decade in various verticals of the pharmaceutical industry. We form strength with our group of companies: SVR Healthcare and AAR Foils

  • We treat each other with dignity, and respect their individual feelings and contributions

  • At Pharma Needs, we inspire people to be great at giving their customers what they really want and help them to create and deliver promises that customers truly value.

  • We believe in honestly communicating problems as well as breakthroughs. The sooner we communicate a problem, the easier it is for us to marshal our company’s resources to solve it.

  • We always examine how we can do it better and engage constructively with those associated with the company to gain additional knowledge and learn from past mistakes.

  • We encourage long term relationship with our clients. We believe business is built on bonds and thus building a long term relationship is our mission.

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Our Team
Kunal Mittal

Mr. Kunal Mittal is a self made man who has gained hand-on experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has over 5 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Under his leadership and vision, Pharma Needs has successfully set up and run a fully automated pharma unit. He firmly believes that honesty and transparency go hand-in-hand with business acumen.

Nitin Gupta

Mr. Nitin Gupta is a dynamic and experienced professional. He has 5 years of experience into manufacturing and packaging.He has worked in all stages from raw material to end product. He has successfully converted a sick unit into a profitable one in 3 months. The unit has been booming since then. He is highly focused and strongly determined. His ideology of ‘aiming high with feet firmly on the ground’, inspires everyone in the industry.